Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Transcription: Max Roach - Dexterity

Max Roach's drum breaks on just about the first jazz recording I ever noticed and liked— Dexterity by Charlie Parker. I dug an old LP compilation of Parker 78s out of my dad's record collection. Recorded in 1947. It's very 40s bebop— just snare drum and bass drum, no hihat, no tom toms, only cymbal is at the end. I wrote out the solos on both takes of the tune, from the Complete Dial Masters compilation. They're both 8 bars long, on the last A of the piano chorus, before the head out.

In a break from my usual practice, I've included the feathered bass drum— which is pretty loud. The flams in the first two measures are pretty wide, with the grace notes on the beat. Almost a 16th note timing. Note the untied rolls at the beginning of the second break— play them as two or three tight multiple bounce strokes, with no release. The endings are basically the same; the timing on the second one is just a little different. Worth noting that the tempos are basically exactly the same, and the solos happen at exactly the same time.

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Audio after the break.


Oops, it doesn't appear to be on YouTube— I guess you'll have to buy the record.

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Michael Griener said...

That's funny.
I'm in a Max Roach phase right now as well, starting with the passing of Jimmie Merritt.
Finally learned to play the Poco Loco groove up to tempo and a bunch of other Roach-isms as well
This break on this one after the intro is amazing:
Clearly pre-meditated, but he plays something completely different on the other the of the tune.