Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hemiola funk series: Funky Primer - p. 22

Here's an easy little thing, bringing together two funk items: I've taken a familiar page from Charles Dowd's Funky Primer, and re-written it with the patterns used in my hemiola funk series.

You know what to do with a page of beats. The numbering is different than in the original book. I couldn't be bothered to match them up. One beat from the original page is missing because it didn't work with the HFS patterns; instead I added a variation on the previous beat.

UPDATE: Here's how I work this with my students— lay this page over the book so corresponding beats from each column can be played together:

The numbers are different, so that's a little bit of a pain. Beat 5 from Funky Primer has no corresponding variation on my page.

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