Sunday, April 26, 2020

Daily best music in the world: Pete La Roca with Coltrane

Busy this week finishing an e-book outlining my “harmonic coordination improved” method. I think I'm going to call it Drumset Control. There are at least two other books with that title, by Mitchell Peters and Dahlgren & Fine. My thing is the only one that is like the book Stick Control— or Accents & Rebounds really. It's essentially A&R orchestrated for four limbs, and massively expanded, and made accessible to players of all levels. I'll go into it more when I'm ready to release it.

So while I do that, here's a bootleg recording of Pete La Roca playing with John Coltrane in 1960, with McCoy Tyner and Steve Davis. Coltrane formed his quartet with Tyner, Davis, and Elvin Jones through this engagement at the Jazz Gallery in New York. 

Thanks to Marco Zondervan in the Netherlands for sharing this.

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Jerome said...

Love Pete LaRoca