Friday, October 04, 2019

CYMBALISTIC: Cymbal day today - Seattle event coming up

At the Cymbal & Gong foundry
in Istanbul
UPDATE: Found some really great Holy Grails— 22" and 20" (x2) jazz rides, 17" (x2) and 18" crashes! Videos coming soon.

A couple of cymbal-related items:

• We're currently setting a date for an October Cymbal & Gong event in Seattle— a chance to get together with some drummers and hang, and play, and buy some really great cymbals personally selected by me.

Email me (see sidebar) or visit Cymbalistic to get on the mailing list for updates.

• I'll be visiting Cymbal & Gong HQ in southeast Portland today, selecting a few new cymbals for sale on my Cymbalistic site. I'll be looking for new 20" and 22" Holy Grail jazz rides, and 17" and 18" thin crashes.

There are also supposed to be some Leon Collection thin flat rides in this shipment. The Leons have been a very popular item recently, with a pleasingly bright, ECM-like sound somewhat reminiscent of a Paiste 602.

Hit the links above and check out what I have available, and let me know if there's a size, type, or sound you're looking for. The time to make your requests is now, when there is a fresh shipment in— these cymbals are not available in large quantities.

Listen: I've played a lot of cymbals, I'm picky about what I like, and I say with confidence: Cymbal & Gong cymbals are the s***. The real 50s-60s jazz sound. C&G's medium-weight cymbals are a true 70s sound, recalling Harvey Mason playing with Herbie Hancock. Anybody who follows this site will love them— this is what real cymbals for real players sound like.

For example: Dig this 16" Holy Grail crash, “Bastien.” It's a great funky little cymbal, and everyone who has played it loves it. Somebody buy this thing.

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