Friday, October 04, 2019

An EXCELLENT time to support the blog

UPDATE: I'm going to keep bumping this to the top of the site this week, but I will be posting every day, so scroll down for new content.

It has been a long time since we've done any kind of a fund raiser, and since my car was just stolen— second time this year, believe it or not— maybe this is a good time to do one. I need to raise some money towards getting another modest vehicle that will be beneath the dignity of a thief to actually steal. Maybe a nice meal-colored 15 year old Kia.

I don't want to just beg for cash, so if you value what we do, and want to support the site, please avail yourselves of the following goods and services:

Get Skype lessons
Questions about anything we've ever covered? Want to learn to do the myriad Reed interpretations that are the backbone of this site? Time to get more serious or at least more effective with your practicing? Anything else? I work with students of all levels, and I enjoy a challenge, so hit the email Todd link in the sidebar and let's set it up.

Buy cymbals
I am, on a very limited scale, a dealer of the wonderful Cymbal & Gong cymbals. They're the true 50s-60s sound, they're beautiful, they're personally selected by me for playability, you've got to have them!

Visit to see what I have available. Email me with questions, or to make a purchase, or to request something not found on the site. 

Buy books
I have a number of print books and e-books available. If you like doing the Syncopation-based stuff I write about, you'll want to get a copy of my latest book, Syncopation in 3/4

But you can also: 

Make a cash donation
Hit the contribute to the site button in the sidebar, and give some amount proportionate to your appreciation and your resources.

Thanks everyone! - tb

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