Saturday, October 05, 2019

CYMBALISTIC: Cymbal day, 10/4/19

UPDATE: Oops, I'm an idiot— I uploaded the unedited video from the meeting, which has lots of inane conversation on it in between playing cymbals. Below is the correct video, with times matching the cues below.

Video from yesterday's visit to Cymbal & Gong HQ. I got Holy Grail 22" (1) and 20" (2) rides, and 17" (2) and 18" (1) crashes, which will be available for sale on my Cymbalistic site. Videos of individual cymbals coming soon. If you hear anything you like, let me know ASAP— the ones I didn't get will be going out to other dealers soon. Hit EMAIL TODD in the sidebar.

The rides I got were in the range of light-medium jazz rides, some with the rounded K-type bell, some with the higher, squarish 50s A-type bell, all with a warm, clean, full jazz sound with good stick definition.  The crashes are all thins, with excellent crash response, and a slight funky edge.

Visit to see and hear what else I have in stock.

What's played, at what time:

0:00 -  Leon Collection 20" Thin Flat Ride
Very glassy but complex, delicate sounding cymbal.
0:28 - American Artist 17" Medium Flat Ride
This looked like an 18", but Tim said it was 17". Very similar sound and feel to my old Paiste 602 18" Medium Flat Ride.
1:25 - Prototype: 20" Swish/China Type 
I may have the size wrong— these two swishes may be 22s.
1:53 - Project cymbal: 20" “Dizzy Gillespie” Swish with cutout, drilled for 17 rivets
Very interesting “Swish Knocker” type cymbal, primarily intended as a ride. Sound improved as we added more rivets. The last time it is played here there may have been 10 rivets inserted.
3:19 - playing flat rides again
3:35 - Dizzy cymbal with more rivets added
4:00 - 20" Holy Grail Ride
All of the Holy Grails played here sounded great.
4:11 - another 20" Holy Grail Ride
4:20 - another 20" Holy Grail Ride
5:15 - 22" Holy Grail Ride
5:40 - another 22" Holy Grail Ride
5:53 - another 22" Holy Grail Ride
6:10 - another 22" Holy Grail Ride
7:30 - 17" Holy Grail Crash
7:47 - two more 17" Holy Grail Crashes
8:10 - 18" Holy Grail Crash
8:20 - another 18" Holy Grail Crash

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