Thursday, September 26, 2019

Reed method: 32nd note linear lick

Another easy little practice method, for playing soloistic stuff, using Progressive Steps to Syncopation, which you can play in conjunction with this other recent item. This one uses a favorite Gary Chaffee linear lick that sounds great, and it's easy to play fast.

The source lick is the Chaffee 5 note + 3 note linear phrase:

Here we'll play it with the beats reversed:

Use the 16th note/8th note pages from Syncopation— pp. 22-23, lines 1-15. Ignore the written bass drum part, and play the top line part as follows. On exercises with one beat of 16th notes, play only the first beat of the lick:

Use any sticking you like on the 8th notes— alternating, hands in unison, improvise, whatever. Alternate at first. Once you can play lines 1-15 on the snare drum, you can move things around the drums, and experiment with the 8th notes portion, varying the sticking, putting some or all 8th notes on a cymbal, with the bass drum in unison.

On exercises with two beats of 16ths in a row, play this:

On exercises with three beats of 16ths, play this:

On the exercise that is all 16th notes, you can just play the lick for four measures.

Like the previous thing, I'm playing these in 2/2, so the 16th notes are functionally 32nd notes— 8 notes for one beat of music. See that previous post for recommendations of which loops to practice this with. 

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