Friday, September 06, 2019

Page o' coordination: basic 6/4

The first of three pages of fundamentals to go with that John Zorn loop from the other day. These POCs are a major part of my output right now, which is a little bit misleading— I only write them and use them for things would be too difficult to practice with an interpreted, Reed-style method. It's better to do the bulk of your practicing with the Reed methods.

This page has a 3:2 polyrhythm played between the left foot and right hand/right foot in unison, with left hand “independent” parts added. It's written in 6/4, but it could easily be felt in 12/8 by feeling the cymbal/bass part as your primary pulse.

Learn the whole page with your left hand on the snare drum, then drill it by playing the page with my stock tom moves. When doing the moves, I play rim clicks on the snare drum notes.

Get the pdf

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