Monday, September 30, 2019

Page o' coordination: Tekufah rhythm

Page o' coordination using the rhythm from the bass line on Tekufah, a John Zorn tune from which I recently made a practice loop. The cymbal rhythm is actually an inversion or mode of the normal Afro 6 “short” bell rhythm— the rhythm here starts on beat 4 of the short bell rhythm. I'm not aware of any other recording using this rhythm, but playing it this way does give a little more clarity on the structure of the short bell thing— two beats of shuffle rhythm, two beats of middle-of-the-triplet rhythm.

This is a little gratuitous to me, actually— I've posted a lot of stuff for this same basic Afro 12/8 groove, and anyone who learns maybe two or more of the Pages o' coordination for it should have this style covered for all practical purposes. The returns get smaller and more subtle as you practice more pages. But to me this is a very deep area of drumming, which carries over into other areas of my playing, so I work on it a lot. Still I probably won't use this page on more than a few practice sessions.

I say the same thing about every POC, so read the following in a weary, exasperated tone:

1. Learn the page.
2. DRILL the page, doing stock left hand moves.

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Bernd Klug said...

This is just a permutation of the 'Bembe' bell pattern. Bembe starts on the '4' (counted in 12/8)

If you start the 'Bembe' on '10' you'll get the Tekufah bell/cymbal pattern.