Friday, January 25, 2019

Syncopated melodic solo - 01

Here I've composed a syncopated, non-technical, four-tone melodic solo for drum set. It is through-composed, 36 bars long, in eight bar phrases with a four bar tag.

Play this with the snares off, and pencil in your own stickings as necessary. This will sound best if the drums are tuned for a nice tonal sound. Play it at a moderate volume and let the accents guide you in shaping the phrases, keeping in mind that though the piece is written without section dynamic markings, that doesn't mean all the notes should be exactly the same volume. Try not playing any two notes in a row at the same volume... subtly. Play the crescendos as self-contained within their measure— get a little softer at the beginning, build, and then subito return to the original volume after. I wasn't swinging the 8th notes when I wrote it, but you can swing them if you want.

Get the pdf

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