Monday, January 07, 2019

NOW AVAILABLE: 2018 Book of the Blog / Syncopation in 3/4

The 2018 CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! Book of the Blog is now available to order.

It includes all of the downloadable exercises and trancriptions posted on the site in 2018, as well as some grooves o' the day and practice methods that did not have a downloadable pdf.

Way too much in this book to summarize. There are sections on snare drum, rock & funk, jazz, and Latin. With a robust section on the Mel Lewis rub-a-dub thing we've been developing lately. Also several EZ syncopation practice methods, evolution of Songo grooves, pages o' coordination in 3/4 and 12/8, and much more.

$14.95 - 132 pages

Also now available - get both books and save on shipping:

Expanded print edition.

Reading exercises in 3/4 in the style of Progressive Steps to Syncopation. If you follow this site you know that I think the methods associated with that book are the best, fastest way for drummers to learn professional vocabulary, reading, and improvising. You're gonna want this one.

This book has chapters on quarter notes, linear quarter notes, 8th notes, 8th rests, 8ths with ties, one-line syncopation exercises, and full page syncopation exercises. Each chapter includes one line exercises, a 20 bar exercise, and a 32 bar exercise.

Print edition is formatted like Ted Reed's original book in four-measure phrases, and has eight newly composed full-length syncopation exercises, plus a some additional exercises not in the e-book.

$10.95 - 38 pages

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, all of my other books are discounted 15% during the month of January. A great time to get the whole library happening...

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