Thursday, January 17, 2019

CYMBALISTIC: Two new 22" rides in stock!

CYMBALISTIC news: Thanks to a very successful Germany trip in December, stock of cymbals on hand is a little skimpy right now, but we do have a couple of new 22" A-type rides available— one thin and one medium.

I should clarify what is meant by the description A-type— with Cymbal & Gong cymbals, that refers to a higher, squarish bell similar to a 50s A. Zildjian, with moderate hammering, and usually light-medium in weight. These are complex, warm, relatively dark, hand crafted cymbals. I'm a jazz drummer, and my main 22" ride is a C&G A-type— mine happens to be similar to “Mallory” below, but higher pitched.

In each of these videos I'm using Bopworks Birdland model sticks, and then Vic Firth SD-04 Combos.

22" Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Jazz Ride “Eloi” - 2085 grams - $450.00
Unusual jazz-weight A-type ride. Slightly exotic. Nice low roar, with a very responsive, full, booming crash with a light bwah sound. Sonorous, cutting bell sound.

22" Medium Ride “Mallory” - 2360 grams - Cymbal & Gong factory second - $280.00
Excellent, very playable A-type light-medium ride. All of C&G's medium rides are crashable, with a good balance between clean and complex harmonic profile. They would never be mistaken for a modern A-type cymbal by a major brand. This cymbal has a warm, relatively clean sound, long sustain, and an awesome, very full, musical crash sound at fortissimo levels. It will make a good jazz ride, or medium ride in settings where a live, full-sounding cymbal is called for.

A minor technical flaw in the manufacturing process means you get a big discount on this cymbal. There's a slight flaw with the lathing— the lathed-away metal is stuck in the grooves in a few spots. Only visible on close inspection, there is some light surface roughness in those spots. This makes no detectable difference in sound, and will not affect the life of the cymbal. Tim at Cymbal & Gong tells me you could go in with a dental tool and remove the stuck bits, but you will probably just play it as is.

This cymbal has the Holy Grail-type patina, but as a factory second, it has no C&G cold stamp or label.

We will be getting some more cymbals at the end of January, and then a full re-stock in March or April. If you have any interest in these cymbals, let me know what size/weight/model you're seeking. Also visit the Cymbalistic site and get on our mailing list to hear about new cymbals as they come in.

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