Monday, October 08, 2018

Page o' coordination: RLH in 3

Slightly different format for a Page o'coordination. Usually we have an ostinato with a variable left hand part; here the cymbal part and bass drum part change. This is sort of an appendix to some things we did with the Elvin-style waltz in 2012, with a dotted quarter note cymbal rhythm— we're filling in some coordination gaps, setting the stage for being able to improvise better.

Try this Eddie Palmieri loop to do this page with straight 8ths (that's in 6/8, but it's easy to count the bass line in 3), or this Miles Davis loop to play it swing. You could also use this Jimmy Garrison loop. Play all of the bass drum parts with patterns 1-8. Do the left hand tom moves if you have some time to kill— it's a long page of stuff even without that.

Get the pdf

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