Sunday, October 14, 2018

Chop busters in 5/8 - 01

Hey, two odd meter things in two days. I've really turned around my thinking on the value of this subject— it really forces you to have a heightened awareness of rhythm, which is a good thing. I used to be more of a exterminate rational thought kind of guy— still am, at times— but it's nice to be able to play and know what you're doing sometimes.

So here is a page of technical exercises in 5/8, format, concept, and title borrowed from Ron Fink. I still use his book regularly— it's nice for when you don't feel like drilling whole pages of Stick Control or whatever.

I've given the tempos in 8th notes; you can do the calculations to set your metronome however you like. Tempos are in the high range for normal usage of the underlying ideas— most people will have to work to them up to that speed, some maniacs will do them faster.

Get the pdf

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