Friday, October 05, 2018

Groove o' the day: Jack Dejohnette - On the Nile

Here's Jack Dejohnette early in his career, soon after his move from Chicago to New York. He's playing in a very Elvin Jones-like mode with Jackie McLean, who is himself writing in a Coltrane Quartet-like mode. The tune is On The Nile, from the record Jack Knife.

This is the groove from the head of the tune. Swing the 8th notes. 

He plays this on the solo vamp:

He plays these grooves pretty repetitively throughout, which is interesting. For some reason it reminds me of Robert Rauschenberg's Factum I and Factum II, where the famously freewheeling painter made two identical pictures. On the solo vamp Dejohnette sometimes plays 16th notes a la Elvin in the second measure—just double the middle note of the triplet and spread it all out to make legato 16th notes.


daron nelson said...

isnt this tune in 9/8?

Todd Bishop said...

You could write the drum groove in 9/8 instead of swing 3/4, but nothing else played on it suggests 9/8. The tune is all dotted quarter notes-- easy to write in 3/4, the equivalent rhythm written in 9/8 looks obscure.

The tune and bass vamp could be written in 6/8, but the drums definitely suggest a meter counted in 3*, whether you call it 3/4 or 9/8. If the drum groove was all triplets I might notate it in 9/8 regardless of what meter I thought the tune was conceived in, but that's not happening here.

* - Or 6/4 phrased as 3+3, if anyone wants to quibble about that.