Thursday, August 23, 2018

Practice loop in 3: Where In The World

Another practice loop sampled from one of my favorite albums by anyone, ever: Where In The World by Bill Frisell. The band is Frisell, Kermit Driscoll, Mark Dresser and Joey Baron. Produced by Wayne Horvitz. The picture is by the great cinematographer Robby Müller, who died a few weeks ago; it's a still from the Wim Wenders movie The American Friend.

It's in 9/8, meaning what? It's a triplet feel in 3. So you can do all of your jazz waltz stuff (very slow tempo for that), my Chaffee-style linear phrases in 3, my Afro POCs in 9/8, or adapt the well known Stone sticking patterns into 9/8 somehow and do the drum set orchestrations with them.

Best option: Get my Syncopation in 3/4 e-book and do the various triplet practice methods with it.

Tempo is dotted quarter note = 97 bpm.

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