Thursday, August 09, 2018

Cymbals for sale

I have to pay for that new camera, so I'm selling a few cymbals I haven't been using lately:

SOLD - 20" Paiste 602 Heavy (blue label)
SOLD - 20" Sabian Jack Dejohnette Signature Ride
20" A. Zildjian Medium-Heavy (60s vintage)
SOLD - 20" Paiste 602 Concert C1 suspended/ride (pre-serial)
SOLD - 16" Sabian AAX Dark Crash (brilliant finish)

Hit read more at the bottom of the page, or the following link to see the rest of them. I made videos for all of these. Follow the cymbal name links to the eBay auction if you're interested in buying.

Sabian 20" Jack Dejohnette Signature Ride - original 90s version

Original early 90s version. Unlathed, unhammered medium ride for that very dry Jack Dejohnette/Joey Baron/ECM sound. Great stick and bell sound; doesn't really crash, but excellent for accents with the shoulder of the stick. Good for recording, moderate volume acoustic gigs, and rehearsals. All styles of music.

Starting bid is $100, buy it now for $150

Paiste 602 20" Heavy ride - blue label 
No cracks, no keyholing, no damage or significant wear to the metal that I can detect, sound is pristine.

Approximately 2650 grams. Handles much like a Zildjian Ping Ride, except more wash, prettier stick sound, and better for accents than the Ping. Classic beautiful 602 sound, with a little more cutting power. Great cymbal for all pop/rock/R&B settings, big band. Could be used with care in a small group jazz setting— consider adding rivets to get a sound like Billy Higgins on Pat Metheny's Rejoicing.

Starting bid is $180, buy it now for $240

Paiste 602 20" Concert C1 - suspended / ride cymbal

Classical suspended cymbal makes an excellent, live, light-medium ride for jazz or other acoustic music. And of course a great suspended cymbal for band or orchestra. Musical tone with more wash than a 602 Medium Ride, which is heavier than this cymbal. This model has a larger hole than is standard for drumset cymbals, and a slightly flattened taper at the edge.

Starting bid is $100, buy it now for $165

A. Zildjian 20" Medium-Heavy ride - 60s vintage

This is a classic style of Zildjian that is no longer made. I believe it's the predecessor of the Ping Ride, except it's lighter and much more complex than the Ping. It has none of the Ping's nasty brightness. I would emphasize the medium over the heavy— it's really a medium ride with just with a little more cutting power. GREAT classic Zildjian bell sound.  .

Starting bid is $100, buy it now for $150

Sabian AAX 16" Dark Crash - brilliant finish
Sabian calls these "dark", but really it's a slightly mellow A-type thin crash (or possibly a medium-thin)-- an excellent all-purpose crash for all styles of music.

Starting bid is $66, buy it now for $100

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