Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Page o' coordination: jazz waltz with feet in unison - syncopated

I realized while running through these other recent jazz waltz POCs with the syncopated polyrhythmic thing in the feet, these things are kind of hard, actually! So I wrote up this page, that's a little easier, using a similar idea. The feet are in unison with each other, which I think is something we should all do more of. Be more non-independent. Ed Blackwell did a lot of that, as did John Guerin.

There are a ton of these POCs now, most of them covering the same little batch of vocabulary, in a slightly different way. We're trying to create more available options for when you go on the gig and wing it. I certainly never approach these things like I'm going to memorize them and then try to barf them up verbatim when I'm playing. 

I think you should play your left foot heel-down. You'll have more freedom, and you'll have a more relaxed, detached posture at the drums, which is good. You can splash all of the hihat notes, or just the last one, or just the first one. Just the middle one if you're a real weirdo. Do my left hand moves if you wish.

Get the pdf

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