Saturday, May 27, 2017

Groove o' the day: Go Ahead John

Getting loose definitionally with our groove o' the day here— this one is all variations, really, and no foundational groove. This is Jack Dejohnette playing the beginning of Go Ahead, John, from Miles Davis's album Big Fun. He's playing a two-measure groove with a stop in the first measure, and a busy second measure. I've just transcribed the first 15 bars of the track:

He's playing around with it, but you can see there are a few basic ingredients he's using. They got cute panning the drums in the mixing— if you want to give the track a close listen, you may want to go to your digital file of the track and load it in Transcribe or Audacity, and play it in mono.

Get the pdf


Steve Cournane said...

Thanks for this transcription. I love this track,

Steve Cournane said...

And coming back to it, still loving it. The looseness of the feel, the way he mixes the different hi-hat rhythmic feels into one big pot, ie. 1/4 note, 1/8 and his style of 16th note which never seems to sound as rudimental perhaps as other players might.