Monday, May 01, 2017

Chaffee linear phrases: adding 2s

This is a baby-step entry into adding a two-note pattern (RB) to Gary Chaffee's linear system, which is based on 3-to-8 note patterns— dig into Patterns, vol. 3 for Chaffee's full explanation of that, or see my many earlier posts on the subject. The number of possible phrases really explodes when you add the 2, so we'll start very simply, with an eight note phrase— one measure of 16th notes in 2/4.

I've only included phrases that include the 2; the other possibilities are 8, 5/3, 4/4, and 3/5. In the right hand column I've written the phrases displaced one 16th note, starting on the last note of the normal phrase.

Practice these as you do the other Chaffee phrases: start with both hands on snare drum, then try LH on snare drum, RH on hihat, or moving around the drums. Or both hands moving. You can make groove, fill, or solo ideas out of these, depending on how you play them— there are a few posts brewing that are about ways of doing that, so stay tuned.

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