Sunday, May 07, 2017

Page o' coordination: Latin in 3 - 04

Here's a fairly easy page of exercises in 3/4 Latin. The bell/cymbal pattern is similar to the regular Afro 6/8 rhythm, but simplified— you sometimes hear American drummers playing this rhythm in the 50s and 60s. The bass drum part here is functional if you include the circled note, and more interesting if you omit it.

So we're clear on the terms: “Latin in 3”isn't a “real” style per se— it's sort of a 3/4 version of the Afro 6/8 feel, adapted for modern jazz. Sometimes someone will actually ask for Latin in 3; other times it will be an ECM-feel in 3, or just a fast modern jazz waltz. Additionally, playing the familiar Afro feel in 3/4 will also help your understanding/flexibility with the more authentic groove metered in 6/8... which isn't authentic, because you're playing it on drumset (which has only been used Latin music for 50-60[!] years), and most likely in a non-traditional setting— a topic for another day...

Play the left hand as a rim click on the snare drum, or improvise moves between any two drums— or all the drums— or do my stock left hand moves which you should already have memorized if you've done any of these things at all. You could try playing it along with my old Eddie Palmieri practice loop— they fit together pretty well.

Get the pdf

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