Saturday, September 03, 2016

Linear phrases in 7/8 - one measure

More fun with linear patterns in 7/8 time, with more to come. Using Gary Chaffee's 3-8 note linear patterns, we'll look at the only three possible combinations that fit in a single measure of 7/8: 3+4, 4+3, and 7, along with all possible inversions— the same phrases starting on each note of the first pattern. We've done this before. I've beamed the patterns the patterns in the 3+2+2 phrasing for use with our favorite John Zorn practice loop; on page 2 I wrote them out in the more common 2+2+3 phrasing.

The idea is to use these for soloing or timekeeping, so you can move your hands around the drums, or play with your right hand on a cymbal and left hand on the snare drum. Do whatever you like with your left foot; play the hihat on the first and/or fourth notes of the measure.

Also play all two-measure combinations of the first versions of each measure:
3+4 / 4+3
3+4 / 7
4+3 / 3+4
4+3 / 7
7 / 3+4
7 / 4+3
You could do two measure combinations of equivalent inversions, but that's getting a little much— unless for some reason you particularly like the inversions starting on the left hand, or starting with the bass drum.

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