Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Linear phrases in 7/8 - two measures

Dropping the other shoe here, so to speak, following the one-measure linear patterns in 7/8 from last week. I think we've got all the two measure patterns here that can't be made by combining the previous phrases. Or maybe I had to make a selection to fit it all on one page. I forget. It doesn't matter— one page is enough.

See the previous entry or consult your teacher (or me) if you need any instructions. This mathematical framework is Gary Chaffee's— look it up in Vol. 3 of his Patterns series of books. Using it requires a little bit of caution: viewing these phrases as series of numbered patterns all adding up to two measures of 7/8, it's easy to play abstractly and lose the beat and the barline. You should be putting a little emphasis (mentally, at least) on the downbeat and on the “4”— which is actually the 2 since we're in a fast 7/8, and really feeling it in 2, as 3+4/8.

The pdf includes a second page with the same patterns beamed with the more common 2+2+3 phrasing. If you don't mind the way the notes are beamed, you can also play these as one measure of 7/4, of course.

Get the pdf

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