Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Linear patterns in 3/4: one bar, triplets, with inversions

I've written many more pages of Gary Chaffee-style linear phrases than actually appear in his books— people have gotten incredibly good just using what's in the books, but they work better for me when changed around a bit. So here's another page of them. We're doing a single measure of triplets in 3/4, with inversions— putting each note of the first pattern at the beginning of the measure.

If you've seen Chaffee's Patterns books, you know that his linear system is based on groupings of 3-8 note patterns, initially with an alternating sticking, starting with the right hand, and ending with one or two bass drum notes. I've written in the stickings here so you can maintain them easier when doing the inversions. It's a little dull just playing the hands on the snare drum, so I move them around the drums; or you can just move your right hand to the hihat, or another cymbal. With your left foot you can do nothing, or play quarter notes, or play on beats 2 and 3, or just on 2.

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