Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Practice loop: Eddie Palmieri 6/8

Here's a loop of an Afro 6/8 groove which I've been getting a lot of mileage out of, lately. It's a couple of measures of Pancho's Seis Por Ocho, from Bamboleate Eddie Palmieri/Cal Tjader. The complete track is good, but it speeds up quite a bit, and it's not great to practice doing that. You should absolutely own that record; it's got one of our main textbook examples of a New York style Mozambique on it, too.

Use this to practice the piles and piles of Afro 6 Pages o' Coordination I've been posting over the last couple of years. If you download the audio— there are browser extensions that will allow you do extract mp3s from videos— it repeats seamlessly if you set your player to loop it.


Anonymous said...

Straight from the Carribean. There's nothing "Afro" about this.

Todd Bishop said...

Sure, that's just what the feel is usually called by jazz musicians: "Afro 6", or something like it. I didn't mean to suggest it was an African groove.

Anonymous said...

From the Caribbean......where theres a lot of African descendants.