Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Transcription: Frankie Dunlop — Pannonica

Here's Frankie Dunlop, playing a walking ballad— maybe it's a little fast to call it that?— by Thelonious Monk, Pannonica, on the album Criss Cross. I've transcribed just the accompaniment for the Charlie Rouse's saxophone solo. There's a typo in the pdf regarding the start time— the transcription starts at 1:40.

Dunlop maintains the slow, triplety swing feel, with sticks, all the way through the piece. On other Monk recordings of this tune, the drummers Max Roach and Ben Riley suggest a double-time feel much of the time, and play it with brushes. Personally, I prefer not to double-time this tune. Another version with Al Foster on drums, has the feel I like. Dunlop plays the drums strongly during the comping, and tends to play more quarter notes than do a lot of drummers.

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