Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Page of Mozambique — UPDATED

I've been working with our earlier page of Mozambique quite a bit (yes, I do in fact practice the non-transcription stuff I post here), and thought it could use a bit of refining, so here we are. Mainly, I've included some bass drum variations, and made the order of practice a little clearer:

You can form a concise-to-substantial workout by combining all of the hand parts with all of the feet parts. Ed Uribe says you need to play the entire array of combinations with your right hand on the cymbal bell, and then the whole thing again with your RH on the cowbell, the hihat, and the shell or rim of the floor tom. That may seem excessive, but it certainly forces enough repetition that you will know the pattern. It will also develop your touch on each of those parts of the instrument— playing the shell of the floor tom is not the same as playing the bell of the cymbal.

That's a big workout, and you will have to prioritize at first. Once you've run each measure individually, and are ready to play them with hihat and bass drum together, learn the page thoroughly with just one hihat part, and one bass drum part. Then run the whole page with the same HH part, with each of the bass drum variations in turn. You might start introducing the hihat variations (there is one written, but five implied) at the same time as you are repeating all of the patterns with your RH playing the different sounds. I would put the lowest priority on playing the clave rhythms with your left foot.

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