Monday, June 09, 2014

Stick Control on the drums: RLRL and LRLR

UPDATE: The link is now working.

All reet, I've gotten my hallway and kitchen painted, and finished getting my teeth and gums viciously probed, if only for the time being, so let's get back to the drum stuff. Here is a set of linear exercises for the drum set, based on the first exercises in Stick Control. The application is so basic it's almost not worth taking the trouble to write it out, except, as you'll see, we'll take it to a slightly different place.

Doing this for Stone exercises 1-13 will take up quite a few pages, so we'll have to take these a couple at a time; first, Exercises 1 and 2, RLRL and LRLR:

As you can deduce from looking at the page, we are basically playing the right hand on the cymbal, doubled with the bass drum, playing the left hand on the snare drum, and adding hihat on 2 and 4. We'll swing the 8th notes; that, plus the added hihat make these “jazz” exercises, but you can adapt them to any style you want, of course. Looking at the second line of each part, the connection of my exercises to the source pattern may be a little obscure, but you should be able to grasp it intuitively as you play the exercises as a group. Note that on the quarter note triplet exercises, the hihat is still on beats 2 and 4.

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