Thursday, June 12, 2014

Page o' coordination: Elvin's waltz in 4/4

It could look an awful lot like I'm phoning it in with all of these Pages o' Coordination— well, I am phoning it in, a little bit, but that's not to say the pages aren't useful. Each one serves a special purpose, and I play through at least two of them every day.

Today's entry is just a little addendum to the original Elvin's Afro-Waltz page, which started this series. If you learned that page well, your learning curve here should be very shallow indeed. Here we're making the shortest possible meter-within-meter phrase out of if, playing the ostinato over two measures of 4/4. Remember, what we are doing with the jazz-oriented POCs especially, are just calisthenics, approximating the densest playing you may do during a piece of music. Hopefully we're laying the groundwork for some interesting and unexpected things to happen during those very dense parts of the music.

Blah blah blah do the tom moves. I do them about half the time. Treat all the POCs as page-at-once exercises— play the entire page every time you practice them, and don't get too hung up on any one pattern.

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