Monday, April 28, 2014

Page o' coordination: hihat splash in 3/4 — 02

Hey, I kind of like these things— we'll see several more pages o'... with hihat splashes, in the near future. This format has become one of the major things we do here, as I've had less time to do a lot of heavy transcriptions, and such— so I hope people are digging it. I use these pages a lot, and while I don't think the format is the ideal one for getting your basic vocabulary together (that respect goes to all of the methodologies surrounding Ted Reed's Syncopation), it is a good way of getting some things into the mix, which would be difficult to acquire another way.

...and for polishing certain things you play with your feet— like with today's page, it looks like we're working on left hand independence, but we're actually getting really comfortable playing both sides of beat 1 with your feet, in 3/4. By making you learn all of these left hand parts, we're forcing you to do that with your bass drum many times, to help you not be one of those players who always hits the bass drum on 1 when playing a waltz.

Another fresh link for the tom moves. In my own practicing, if you want to know, I've been playing down several pages, without the moves, per session. It's a good idea to change gears once in a while.

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