Monday, April 07, 2014

Groove o' the day: Idris Muhammad — The Windjammer

Here's a funk groove with a couple of unusual touches, and a New Orleans flavor, by Idris Muhammad. The tune is The Windjammer, from Grant Green's 1970 album Green Is Beautiful. On the intro Muhammad plays the ride cymbal— sounds like a little 602 Flat Ride, in fact. The ruff at the end of the second measure will be a little technical challenge:

The main groove, played on the hihat, with a 7-stroke roll at the end of the second measure:

 And, what the heck, the first big fill:

The rolls here are 5-stroke, played quiet and loose. The bass drum hits on beat 4 of the second measure are pretty sloppy, but this seems to be what he was going for.

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