Thursday, April 24, 2014

Site update!

Normally I try to make big site changes at the beginning of the year, but, the heck with it, I was getting tired of looking at the old design. The big template change is self-evident, but a couple of smaller things will make the site look better, and be a little easier to use. The search box is now at the top of the sidebar, rather than at the top of the page with all of that “next blog” noise that nobody ever, EVAR uses. The background photo was taken from the stage at a club in Lokeren, Belgium, during my 2013 tour; and I've replaced my profile picture with something stupider.

 I've also dumped the AdSense ads— the money I got from them is not worth how much they ugly-up my site. So now, the only income I will receive from the blog will be from book and CD sales, and from what you voluntarily donate. So, as always, as you root around our unparalleled archives, please consider purchasing a hard copy of the materials, or making a cash donation— look for the “donate” button in the sidebar.

Or you can sign up for private lessons via Skype! We'll be getting started with that any moment now.

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