Saturday, July 16, 2011

Updating my book

In preparation for a benefit gig this evening, I'm adding some new tunes my group's book, and more importantly clearing some of the ample dead wood. In case you're curious about the "thought" process that goes into such things, here are some of the things I'm pulling, and why.

Ain't Misbehavin' - I'm so sick to death of this song from playing it with singers, that I've never called it on a gig. Dead weight.

Autumn in New York - I like the tune, but I and the guys have played it behind one magician act too many. We used to play this a lot on the boats, until some staff thought it would be too traumatic for people to hear, because of 9/11. I didn't understand it, either.

Bernie's Tune - Something to keep the band from going nuts from playing too much Moon River and such, but I'm a little bored with it.

Blues in the Night
- Show number which we never play. Miserable theater-person blues.

Chelsea Bridge
- One of the greatest tunes ever, but too dark for this group, or rather, for the events we play.

Come Fly With Me
- Not that well suited to an instrumental rendition. I've been keeping it around for Sinatra requests that never come.

Confessin' That I Love You
- Good, small tune, but I call Look for the Silver Lining or There's a Small Hotel when I need something light like this.

The Continental - Chipper set-piece cha cha, with a little too-involved form for us to mess with. We'd rather just slog through Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White one more time than wade through this thing.

Cotton Tail -
Great tune, we just haven't found a place for it.

Cry Me A River
- Singer tune. Do you really want to hear this at your wedding? 

Don't Get Around Much Any More
- We play this a lot, but nobody I would hire should ever need a chart for this.

Many more after the break.

Fascinating Rhythm
- Funnish listening piece, which we are never called upon to play. The band isn't that familiar with it, and it always throws them a little bit.

Falling In Love With Love
- Just realized how bored I am with the tune.

Fly Me To The Moon
- Again, they're supposed to know this one without a chart.

Girl From Ipanema
- Ditto times a thousand.

Good Bait - Another one for the band. It's fine, just want to let something else in. There are other tunes.

I Want To Be Happy
- A grizzled dray-horse of a tune which I have never enjoyed, and never call.

I'll Be Seeing You
- Strictly for WWII generation audience, and we can pull out Moonlight Serenade when we want to do wistful.

It Never Entered My Mind - Great tune, of course, but we don't play it- not really danceable, and too delicate for our purposes. Usually we'll do I Loves You, Porgy or Nancy With The Laughing Face when we need a big ballad.

I've Found A New Baby - Good dixie tune, but we have no use for good dixie tunes.

I've Got The World On A String
. See Come Fly With Me

I've Got You Under My Skin
- See I've Got The World On A String

Just In Time - Conjures memories of a particularly loathsome cruise director/entertainer. My man Tim, who does not have the same history I do with that individual, likes playing this, but I need to get rid of it.

Just One Of Those Things -
Great tune, popular with the band, we just haven't had a place for it in our sets. 

The Lamp Is Low
- Never play it. Popular among guys who are trendily serious about jazz. Or was, for awhile.

Let's Get Lost -
Unreadable "World's Greatest Fake Book" chart. Good tune we would play more with a better chart.

Lil Darlin'
- Haven't found a purpose for it on our gigs.

Limehouse Blues
- I have no idea why this was in my book.

Make Someone Happy
- I have other set-piece ballads I and the band enjoy playing more. See It Never Entered My Mind.

Memories of You
- Good but worn. True to the title, this seems to be pretty strictly a nostalgia song.

- I never call it, but you're fired if you need a chart for this.

Move - Fun tune that we never play.

My Baby Just Cares For Me
- Singer tune. Cute. Feh.

My Romance
- We'll still play this every gig, but they should know it.

Nice And Easy
- More Sinatra I don't need to have around.

On A Misty Night
- Another good tune that never found its niche with us.

- Good showy blues that is on our record and that we never play live.

Serenade In Blue
- Very white, nice tune. Don't particularly enjoy playing it and no one wants to hear it. Sort of popular with the musicians, for some reason.

Unit Seven
- Played it badly a few dozen times too many. Tired of it. Sick of it.

You Make Me Feel So Young - How much redundant Sinatra do I need to carry to every gig? We'll play Strangers In The Night if someone wants some. Get out of here.

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