Sunday, July 10, 2011

Source tunes for Chapin

Thanks to my man Ed Pierce and the Sep. 1994 issue of Modern Drummer, here (well, after the break) are the source tunes for the long exercises in Jim Chapin's Advanced Techniques. As you'll see, a lot of them are pretty obscure, and probably haven't been played much since about Roy Eldridge's heyday in the late 30's-early 40's.

But no matter- playing the tune directly on the drums is fine (and necessary) but for me what's more useful as a player is the next step of seeing how anything at all interacts with any given tune. Playing through, say, the long exercises in Syncopation along with whatever tune I happen to be working on, it's a little weird how together they sound just by accident.  

Tune/exercise list after the break:

1. “Giddy Up Napoleon”
2. “The Dixieland Band”
3. “Sweet Eloise”
4. “Louise”

1. “The Carioca”
2. “Hawaiian War Chant”
3. “Anthropology”
4. “Comin’ on with the Come-On”

1. “My Mama Done Told Me”
2. “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be”
3. “Old Man Rebop”
4. “Mop Mop”

1. An original tune by Chapin (never titled)
2. “Rusty Dusty Blues”
3. “Blue Goon”

1. “Pretty Baby”
2. “Wake Up and Live”
3. An original by Chapin

1. “Wee” aka “Allen’s Alley”
2. “Salt Peanuts”
3. “Shaw Nuff”

1. “Life Goes to a Party”
2. “Billie’s Bounce”

1. An original by Chapin
2. An original by Chapin
3. “Billie’s Bounce” (in double time)

Ed's note: [Chapin] lists IVC #2 and IVD #3 as "Now's the Time," but I double checked my copy of the book, and [...] they're both actually "Billie's Bounce." [He] must have gotten his Parker heads mixed up temporarily when they were interviewing him. Hopefully all the rest of them are correct."


GB said...

Great stuff Todd. Does Max Roach come to mind?

Unknown said...

This is fascinating. I knew about about "Billies Bounce" but not all the other source tunes. Thanks for the research.