Friday, July 15, 2011

Transcription: Mocidade tamborims, 2009

Here's something I did for my own benefit, which may or may not be of interest to my regular readers. I picked up and have been fooling around with a Pearl bass drum-mounted tamborim (CSD! Product Review: rather crappy, but serviceable, and inexpensive), and so have started checking out tamborim lead lines more carefully. This one is maybe not so useful from a drum set perspective- the tempo is fast, and the part is a little simplified- but it gives a nice context for checking out what's going on in the complete bateria, and how the line interacts with the vocal part. And it's a fun clip. Mocidade is one of Rio's great samba schools, and has had a lot of influence on Portland samba musicians.
A style note: I've given the standard accents during the repinicado part- the 16ths that are the time feel- but not on the melodic figures, during which almost every note is accented. I just didn't feel like entering all those accents.

Get the pdf.

YouTube clip after the break.

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