Thursday, January 12, 2023

Marvin Dahlgren video channel

Everybody's going to want to check this out: Marv's Legacy, a new(ish?) YouTube video channel with Marvin Dahlgren talking about practicing his books— Four Way Coordination, Accent On Accents, Drum Set Control, etc.  

I've only just started viewing them, but this video seems to be a straightforward explanation of the methods presented in the book. I'm looking forward to getting deeper into the videos and seeing what insights he offers based on several decades worth of actually teaching the materials. So far he sticks pretty close to the text. 

It's nice to know what the authors were thinking. But there are other ways of doing things— obviously I also have my own ideas on how to use the book

Speaking of Dahlgren's legacy, I'm not sure of the status of a number of his books published by Really Good Music— a small firm run by the father of pianist Geoff Keezer, Ron Keezer, who passed away during COVID. They sold photocopy printouts of about ten books of his that I've never seen anywhere else. Last I checked the site was down. Sheetmusicplus is showing titles published by Really Good Music LLC, but none of the special Dahlgren titles yet. 

[h/t to stevil @ DFO]

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