Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Chaffee linear system: alternative 4s/6s

Something I've been playing with— as you know, Gary Chaffee's linear system is based on 3-8 note patterns, starting with the right hand, alternating sticking, ending with one or two bass drum notes. 

I don't really like the 4, 6, and 8 note patterns— RLBB, RLRLBB, RLRLRLBB. They don't sit well for me, I've never gotten that good at them, they mostly don't come out in my playing. So let's replace them. This is fill and solo material, we can do whatever we want. 

These are two four note patterns I use all the time: 

And two similar 6 note patterns:

I also wrote some sample practice phrases:  

Plug these into the practice phrases in the Time Functioning volume of Chaffee's Patterns series. Or into any of the couple of the couple of dozen pages of practice phrases I've written.  

Get the pdf


Jim F said...

I think I remember an article Chaffee wrote for Drumhead magazine that gave variations to the ‘even’ patterns in his linear system. 4 was RLLF, 6 was RLRLLF, and 8 was RLRLRLLF. I gravitated towards these patterns as well.

Todd Bishop said...

There we go-- I like those a lot better. And they're some of his regular stickings, minus the BD notes. I put the double up front just because I use the RLLR/LRRL paradiddle inversion a lot.