Sunday, July 24, 2022

Paradiddle inversion control - 01

A sketchpad for my own practicing— a set of velocity studies using one paradiddle inversion in particular, the massively fun and useful RLLR-LRRL form. In case you're listening to all that Antonio Sanchez and thinking I need to get my FAST CRAP together.  

Do massive repetitions of all of these, then combine them— every measure combined with every other measure, with each measure played once or twice. For normal life be thinking in the quarter note = 115-150 range. You can certainly do them faster that. 

You see what we're doing here— accenting any single notes in the sticking RLLR-LRRL, or putting them on a cymbal, maybe with bass drum added; moving the whole mess around the drums. At faster speeds you'll accent less. Find your own variations that work for you   

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