Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Funky Primer p. 22 converted to sixtuplet funk

In a lesson the other day I realized I don't really like any of the sixtuplet funk materials in my regular books. Joel Rothman's are pretty good, Funky Primer are pretty not good, Jim Payne's and Roy Burns/Joe Farris's are focused on a shuffle rhythm in the hihat which is its own different particular thing. 

So I rewrote p. 22 from Funky Primer, which is pretty good, and converted the 16th notes to 16th triplets. In the lesson we tried to do this on the fly as an interpretation, but that was a little too weird. The rules are not totally consistent, it needed to be written out. So here: 

Play the accents at normal backbeat volume, play the other snare drum notes very softly. Those sixtuplet filler notes sound bad played too loud. 

Get the pdf

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