Thursday, March 31, 2022

Cymbals are in!

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be posting lightly for the better part of this week, A) because I'm doing my taxes, B) because a huge new shipment of cymbals just came in, and I'll be making videos and writing descriptions of them. 

3/31 UPDATE: Videos are up NOW. 

New cymbals include: 
Two 22" Holy Grail Jazz Rides
18/20/22" Thin Turks - 4/4: the 18 is sold, the 20 is on hold
Two 20" Holy Grail Light Jazz Rides - 4/3: one of these is on hold
17/19" Holy Grail Crashes, and Janavar Crashes - 4/1: the Janvavars have been sold

Visit my Cymbalistic site to see what I have in stock, and don't be shy about reserving something that catches your ear. Things have a way of getting bought and disappearing these days... 

Here's one of the new Turks, a 20" Jazz Ride, “Seijun”: 

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