Monday, November 15, 2021

Funky 7s on the drums

Some street-beat style 7 stroke roll related things that came up spontaneously when I was practicing today. This had a little bit of a funky Maracatu-type street beat feel the way I was playing it— usually too slow for a quality 7 stroke roll when using a 16th note pulsation. That's not the concern here. Mash the buzzes into the drum and let it be funky.  

Play all roll strokes closed— multiple-bounce strokes. Find your own way to play these that sounds cool, that gives the vibe of somebody who doesn't live in fear of incorrect technique. 

Get the pdf

I was proud of myself for pulling 80 bpm exactly out of the air when I was estimating a tempo for this. I did that another time during a recording session, and impressed some people— “How fast is X bpm?”, snaps fingers, they check the click, and it's exactly on the money. I'm not saying I can do it all the time, but my time has gotten pretty damn decent, I think. See this time post from awhile back for how to work on that. 

And here's a little Maracatu— I wasn't playing it this funky, but it was in the ball park: 

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