Friday, November 19, 2021

CYMBALISTIC: Second Line Chinese cymbal!

CYMBALISTIC: Oh, I also have for sale a sweet little 14" Second Line Chinese cymbal— paper thin, at 550 grams. It took awhile for Cymbal & Gong to settle on a design for their Chinese cymbals, but what they're doing with them is great, in my opinion. I have a 20" C&G paper thin and it's the best Chinese style cymbal I've ever played.  

If you've played a few Swishes, Pangs, China Types, you know they can be quite obnoxious— with some wildly offensive overtones, or they'll be too heavy, and make a long horribly loud GAAAA when you're just looking for a fast accent. Many/most of them are unusable in moderate-volume situations. 

This one, named “Bambang”, has everything you want: a fast, washy, high energy crash, and a perfect musical exotic sound, very crisp choke effects. I normally would not get excited about a 14" effects cymbal, but this is great. I keep talking about playability with all C&G cymbals— after years of playing so many things that demanded some kind of special touch to sound good, Chinese style cymbals especially. When you get a line of cymbals that just hangs right there with you, and plays and sounds exactly the way you want whether you're playing big or softly— you get excited about it. 

This one is very zippy— it's fun to play a lot of fast stuff on it, as you can see: 

This particular cymbal may already have a buyer, but there will be more of them. I played three others at C&G HQ, and they were all excellent. We'll be seeing more of this type. Let me know by email if you're interested.

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