Saturday, January 23, 2021

From the zone: Snare Conditioner

This was not a legitimate FTZ submission, but I am bequeathing it with that title because this is EXACTLY the kind of crap you're supposed to do when holed up in your studio because of a pandemic for 8 months.

London friend of the site Adam Osmianski transcribed a snare drum solo from someone's video “Broken air con that plays a jazz drum solo!!” Made by some random dork amused over a musical sounding appliance. 

The thing is, IT'S GREAT. Better than anything in found in psha books. I'm not joking, this should be your new flam exercise for snare drum starting tonight. I'm subtly pleading with him to write it out in 6/8. 

Hop over to Adam's site to download the transcription, and check out a lot of other excellent drumming-related content. 

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