Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Syncopation exercise: Accents from Chasin' the Train - 01

Companion to yesterday's post: a syncopation exercise based on part 5 of the Chasin' the Trane transcription— all of the accents played on the snare and bass drum. As usual I've followed the Reed convention of including a bass drum part I never use. File this with my other recent syncopation exercises with more space than the original Reed exercises. 

You can play melody part on the same drum as Elvin by following the common long note/short note interpretation— short notes go on the snare drum, long notes go on the bass drum. Except in some places it was impossible to write that, or unnecessarily difficult to read, so play quarter notes with a staccato mark as short notes, and 8th notes with a tenuto mark as long notes. Staccato = snare drum, tenuto = bass drum.  

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