Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cymbal of the minit: 18" Cymbal & Gong Turk “Toshiro”

I don't use Turk-type cymbals much any more, but this one is really special: 18" Cymbal & Gong custom Turk light ride. Weighs 1472 grams. C&G doesn't have a regular Turk line— the smiths in Istanbul call them “Krut”, Tim, the company owner, calls them “Midnight Lamp.” To me, this one has a Joey Baron kind of vibe.

As an 18" ride, this has a nice tight, controllable sound that will be great for practicing, for rehearsals, for recording, for piano trio, and for working with vocalists. Good Turks really shine when recording. Very pleasing darker sound, with no out of control trashy-noisy elements— it's a clean dark sound. It's not a loud cymbal, but it responds evenly through its full dynamic range, which makes it a real pleasure to play. Mainly, it crashes really nicely— which can't be said of many “dry” cymbals.

It's also a really cool looking cymbal. The automatic white balance on my camera makes the color look much lighter than it is in person— it actually has a rich chocolaty color.

$340.00. Shipping in the US is about $35.00. International shipping is available, should be around $60-80.

Hit the EMAIL TODD link in the sidebar to inquire or purchase. Visit to listen to a whole lot of other great cymbals from Cymbal & Gong.

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