Friday, August 30, 2019

Page o' coordination: cut time funk / fusion cymbal rhythm

A Page o' Coordination for getting together basic funk coordination using a common fusion cymbal rhythm, that comes from Latin drumming— it's also the jazz cymbal rhythm, not swung. The rhythm is difficult enough for students at a certain level, that it's worth writing it out this way, so all of the notes are visible. With more advanced, pro-aspiring students I will just assign my funk drill using this rhythm.

These aren't primarily intended to be stand alone grooves, though they can function that way. I was working with a non-jazz student on the Max Roach rubadub cells, playing them in a rock/funk context, and this is a companion to that.

Learn the patterns then drill them with a variety of my practice loops. Sometimes it's helpful to break them down in a way based on my so-called skiplet method— playing only the 2&3 or 4&1 portion of the pattern, one time, in isolation. Or just the &2&3 or &4&1— if the & of 1 or 3 are present in the pattern. 

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