Monday, April 22, 2019

Tresillo and cinquillo inversions

I've got way too much painfully unfinished stuff in the docket right now; about a dozen long written pieces languishing in my drafts folder, some in-depth practice materials in development, an ambitious new book project, a cymbal tour to Germany coming up, for which I should be writing emails...

So here's a something easy for me: a couple of pages of on the tresillo and cinquillo rhythms, with all of their inversions. I refer to them by their Cuban names for convenience, but they are extremely useful rhythms for any kind of music. You already have these in your copy of Syncopation, but they're spread out over three pages, with a lot of other rhythms, and not in any particular order. Putting these in logical order on two pages, maybe we can have a little more clarity in learning about these two important rhythms.

Use these the way you use the book Syncopation. Basically do anything with them. Another nice thing about having the variations all together is that all of the interpretations/orchestrations you do will be of equal difficulty, with the same type of flow.

Get the pdf

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