Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reed triplet method with RH accents

Writing yesterday's piece I realized I've never posted a really satisfactory explanation of the RH accent triplet solo method— a very useful way of practicing Progressive Steps to Syncopation, which I've relied on a lot over the years. It sounds impressive, and easy to play very fast, with a little practice— even reading the complex full page pp. 38-45 exercises. 

I wrote this up in 2013, but that version is kind of ratty. This is a little better. It has three preparatory patterns, an explanation of the basic elements, an explanation of the major exceptions, and examples from book.

The basic idea is:
1. Play the book rhythms with your right hand, accented, with a swing interpretation.
2. Fill in the unwritten remainder of the triplets with your left hand.

The slightly tricky part are the exceptions; where there are longer spaces between written notes, we break up the multiple LH filler triplets with the RH, unaccented. To be able to play it fast, we want there never to be more than two notes in a row for either hand. 

With completed system you can move the RH accents around the drums, or play them on the cymbals, with the bass drum in unison.

Get the pdf

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