Sunday, June 17, 2018

Transcription: Charli Persip solo break

This is a little solo break by Charli Persip, near the end of So Sorry Please, from Red Garland's album Bright and Breezy. The tune is by Bud Powell. We're just looking at the drum break, but listen to the whole track. Charli Persip has one of the more appealing time interpretations in jazz. Very front-of-the-beat in a very pleasant way. The transcription starts after 3:30.

Note the phrasing in the first four measures: 3+3+2 beats, two times. There are some mixed stickings happening— obviously he's playing paradiddles in bar 4; on the triplets in the last three bars you can figure out your own stickings. There will be some left hand doubles in there. Print the page out and mark them in with a pencil. In the third measure there are some tenuto marks; he stretches the rhythm there almost to make a quarter note triplet. There are also a couple of different articulations on the snare drum. Rolls indicated with a z are more crushed singles— or in the fifth bar a crushed 5-stroke roll; the roll indicated with regular slash marks is a more normal closed 5-stroke roll.

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