Friday, June 15, 2018

Page o' coordination: jazz waltz with syncopated 4:3

Here's a jazz waltz page o' coordination with a syncopated polyrhythm in the feet— if you must know, a 4:3 polyrhythm in half notes and dotted quarter notes, starting on the & of 3 of the second measure. The math doesn't matter. Think of it as an Elvin Jones-style waltz rhythm with the bass drum phrased in half notes:

Swing the 8th notes. Page o' coordination methodology says you learn the ostinato at the top of the page, then learn the sixteen exercises, playing each exercise many times. Start by playing the left hand on the snare drum, then move it around the drums.

You could also play an open sound with the hihat on the note with both feet in the second measure of the ostinato:

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